Who We Are

St. Cyprian’s is a parish of The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina.

We are a community of faith rooted in the love of God. Our mission is to follow Christ (seguir a Cristo), to come together every week for worship (reuniros semanalmente para la misa), and to work, pray and give in order to help build the Kingdom of God (trabajar, orar, y dar para el Reino de Dios).​

​We gather for worship (acudir a rezar) in our sanctuary on Sundays at 11AM (a las 11 de la mañana). We also offer opportunities for Christian formation and fellowship (formación cristiana y compañerismo) to all.

Our History/Nuestra historia

In 1903 the mission for African-Americans in Oxford started as an outgrowth of services held during the previous Diocesan Convention. St. Cyprian’s Chapel was completed in 1906, with help from the American Church Building Fund, Saint Augustine’s School, and various church friends.

In a parochial report to the Diocese of North Carolina in 1906, Rev. Charles Henry Male, minister of both St. Simeon’s and St. Cyprian’s, wrote, “St. Cyprian’s Chapel was completed in February…when I came here more than three years ago, I found two communicants – Mr. C.H. Taylor and his wife.  We measure our success by influence and not by numbers.”

By 1912 a new church was needed, but not until 1927 did a generous gift from Oxford Baptist and First Baptist allow for a colonial-style church to be moved to the current 408 Granville St. location.  The current church and parish hall, designed by The Rev. O. D. Stanley,  sits on the same site as the previous church, and dates from 1959.

Between 1970 and 2009, St. Cyprian’s was yoked with St. Stephen’s, under the latter’s clergy leadership.  Since becoming an independent congregation, we have lived into a new identity as a growing congregation with diverse membership and many ministries serving the community.  Even with this growth, Rev. Male’s word’s still ring true, and we continue to measure our success by influence, and not by numbers.

An Historical Timeline of St. Cyprian’s Ministers:

  • 1906 – 1920, The Rev. Charles H. Male

  • 1923 – 1943, The Rev. Frederick Hubert Uriah Edwards

  • 1943 – 1952, The Rev. Othello Doremus Stanley

  • 1972 – 1998, The Rev. Harrison Thayer Simons

  • 1998, The Rev. Walton Speake Pettit, Interim

  • 1999, The Rev. Irving “Ben” Wolverton, Interim

  • 2000 – 2006, The Rev. Fiona Mabel Bergstrom 

  • 2007 – 2008, The Rev. Charles William Smithers, Interim

  • 2008, The Rev. Christine Payden-Trevers, Interim

  • 2009 – 2015, The Rev. John C. Heinemeir

  • 2015 – 2020, The Rev. Caleb Tabor

  • 2020 – present, The Rt. Rev. Scott A. Benhase

En español:

En 1903 la misión para los afroamericanos en Oxford comenzó como una consecuencia de los servicios realizados durante la Convención Diocesana anterior. Capilla de San Cipriano se terminó en 1906, con la ayuda del Fondo de América del Edificio de la Iglesia, la escuela de San Agustín, y varios amigos de la iglesia.

En 1912 se necesitaba una nueva iglesia, pero no hasta 1927 realizó un generoso regalo permitir el trabajo comience. La iglesia actual de 1959. Entre 1970 y 2009, San Cipriano de se uncidos con San Esteban, bajo el liderazgo del clero de este último.

Desde que se convirtió una congregación independiente, hemos vivido en una nueva identidad como una congregación en crecimiento con membresía diversa y muchos ministerios que sirven a la comunidad.

(919) 693-1351

408 Granville St, Oxford, NC 27565, USA

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