Worship : La Misa

Worshiping with us is an experience that may be a little different from what you are used to. Nuestra misa es un poco diferente.

Here at St. Cyprian’s, we have a bi-lingual service (English and Spanish). This means that some parts of the service are in English, some are done in Spanish, and some are done in both. Because of the way worship in the Episcopalian tradition is done, this is surprisingly easy to follow if you only speak one language.

Check out our communion service  to see what to expect.

Tenemos la misa en dos lenguas: Inglés y Español. Es un servicio bilingüe, con las oraciónes, los cantos y los sermones en los dos. Bautizos, confirmaciones, quinceañeras, bodas y funerales también se celebran en la iglesia. Vea esta sitio para mas informacion en servicios especiales, altos días santos, y los ensayos del coro.

Vea nuestra programa.

By worship in the Episcopalian tradition, we mean that we use prayers and patterns from the Book of Common Prayer and every Sunday we have a service of both Word (prayers and preaching) and Sacrament (Holy Communion). If you’ve never been to an Episcopalian service, we’d just say this to you — it is sort of somewhere between Roman Catholic and Methodist.

Baptisms, confirmations, quinceañeras, weddings, and funerals are also held at the church in one or both languages.  Watch our website for updates on special services, high holy days, and choir practice.

No matter your religious background or your present practice, your age, race, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, we welcome you to all services at the church.


The Episcopal Church welcomes you!  Always.